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Kantar Retail

VR application for a consulting company


Project overview

A VR solution that brings innovation into the retail store management and reduces its costs. With this software, clients can easily model a store layout, manage inventory, research the shopper data. Generally, they can experiment with store concepts or a proposed innovation before spending the money on the actual changes. 


Kantar Retail and Ciklum




Staff Augmentation


Unity experts in an extended team of 30 experts


  • Unity3D
  • C#
  • CI 
  • Jenkins


The client wanted to bring an absolutely new platform that would change the approach to retail management.  

  • To test new concepts with shoppers quicker and more cost-efficiently
  • To share an assortment story with a virtual shelf
  • To gain retailers’ recognition faster
  • To save funds on costly store re-inventions by testing it in VR first
  • To bring retailers and stakeholders together with a far more successful execution
  • VR experience

Key features

    • A fully functional retail store modeling
    • Changing store layout and interior
    • Uploading product inventory and reviewing product info
    • Changing the placement of product categories within the store
    • Highlighting missed opportunities in terms of inventories
    • Simulating shoppers’ eyes movement for shopper behavior research
    • The ability to create and test store concepts to show to stakeholders
vr application for retail


We had a full Scrum Approach to the development process – daily meetings, retrospectives, demo, planning, grooming.

For long-term planning, we did Workshops where the team discussed the future plans, possible functionalities that might be implemented. 

Two years of successful cooperation. We work in a strong team of Unity experts from the Kharkiv region.

Business value

The client provided a new way of building the merchandising process, gave clients the instrument that helps to make business more profitable.


vr application for retail

vr application for retail

Testimonial from the client

“It has been a pleasure working with this team: they are professional, responsive, and they can quickly adapt to changes in the development process that need to be made. They have proven to be a capable and valuable software development partner as a part of a large-scale enterprise project. I highly would recommend them if you need to extend your engineering team, or to create a new application.”

Paul Gregory, Kantar Retail Virtual Reality