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we are about software development

Bespoke software development of VR, AR, games, mobile apps that resonate with the desires of your audience.

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benefits from cooperating
with us.

  • Money and time economy through managing the team for your project realization.
  • The ability to become a market leader with solutions that can reach your goals.
  • The most interesting and trendy approaches for software development that meet the most users response.
  • Achieving a new way of communication with your customers by means of our R&D expertise.
  • Getting a stable and tested product with a simple and intuitively understandable design.
  • The high quality of a software product as the most important thing after the idea itself, faster is not better.
  • Solving the problem of finding and managing a development team.
  • Everything in one place bearing in mind your unique case.

Crysberry is a strong partner to revive your ideas.

We have been on the market for 5 years helping companies to get to the next level of business development. We gain this through the creation of custom software development, where we take full responsibility for technical and management aspects of the process.

Our mission is to materialize best business ideas into the even better product, helping society, people and our planet.

Crysberry is about creating the software for your business needs with your customers in mind.

get it from us.


Your innovative idea must be realized!

The full-cycle development of your next software product, seasoned with our expertise in BA, design, software development, project management. PoC, Prototype, MVP, or a full-fledged product - we are able to do it for you.

As a result, your customers will be satisfied with an amazing result.

staff augmentation

Build your own team!

Dedicated team to match your project needs. Effective management and goal-oriented process without unnecessary waists.

We adapt our basic process to match your company rules, or we may suggest the better way from our experience if see so.


Get the best IT specialist in Ukraine!

The experienced candidates who’ve got mad skills for you.

We will find specialists who fully fit your company’s atmosphere and goals with both technical and soft skills.

Do not waste your time and money searching for candidates, we will do it for you.

directions of expertise.

VR development

Seize the market of modern and extremely popular VR technology!

A VR game, a simulation, an educational app, let’s create some awesome VR solution to catch your customers.

AR development

Technologies develop and applications move to another level.

AR products appear every day and impress users with interactivity. Catch your place on the market with an AR app!

game development

Who works good, that one rests great.

That is why we do adore to create stunning games that allow users to be distracted from everyday routine.

mobile development

We are sure, each stable business should have a mobile app to involve more customers.

Our experts are ready to develop iOS and Android apps for your needs.

2D/3D visualization

We pay particular attention to 2D and 3D visualization of future products.

We know that users are more likely to interact with beautiful apps.

Give them this opportunity.

2D/3D animation

The animation is part and parcel of games and it should reach an excellent level.

Take it into account and let’s create an amazing animation for your next project together.

meet our core team members.

“Careful attitude to each client allows building strong communication relationships”

Miroslava Head of business development

“Self-sufficiency matters the most when you work directly with a client”

Dmitry Lead Mobile Developer

“Move the recruitment team forward to find quick-witted experts for the clients”

Nataly Recruitment Team Lead

“Build a strong friendly team and it will create any difficulty project.”

Elena Kretova COO

“Everything starts with Expertise, then the matter of Effectiveness.”

Alex Bulat CEO & Founder

check out what we’ve done:

Kantar Retail

Virtual Reality Application

The client, Kantar Retail, wanted to create a VR solution that would simplify the process of experimenting and bringing innovation into retail store management, while also significantly reducing costs...

TapTiles Game

Virtual Reality Game

The hectic speed of the modern world forces users to look for simple yet entertaining games that could take their minds off everyday problems. Taptiles does just that, while also adding beautiful imagery...

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