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research & development.

The way for innovation to be alive.


why is R&D important?

R&D proves to be the most important part of the software product lifecycle. It needs a systematic approach to the evaluation of the project idea, financial costs, and technical needs.

Crysberry provides R&D service in Unity, Graphics, Native Mobile.

Together it helps to implement the software product properly and to ensure gradual further
growth and profit.

development stages.

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you know what product you wanna build to achieve success and to bring utility to your customers.


the complex process of analysis, design, and development of the product supported by our specialists.


the responsible stage when your product is no longer used by developers but also by first users.


bugs fixing and adding of new useful features, that bring even more customers.


the stage when your product works perfectly and the only thing left is to do tiny edits.



Take a look at components of the R&D stage in the software product lifecycle and choose the most suitable for you.

proof of concept

Get the understanding if your product idea is feasible or not.


Get a pure understanding of how to continue further product development.


Get the initial feedback from your customers about the product, without spending much money.


R&D is our responsibility to bring your idea into reality!

Start the implementation of your product idea today!

We tend to the modern technologies and tools – Unity, VR, AR. With them, we create stunning and educative experiences.

Over the years we’ve built a strong vision of those ideas that should be implemented, ideas that work and bring profit to their owners. These results are achieved through the R&D expertise we nurtured in our company.

The three main areas of our R&D expertise.

R&D of VR and AR applications

R&D in VR just like in AR is decisive for the idea’s success. VR is a new approach to communicate with customers, that’s why testing of idea workability is extremely important.

Many industries (such as marketing, entertainment, education etc.) already proved that VR and AR technologies bring business success and profitability on the next level.

Bring your idea of VR application and we assure your customers will get the working product exactly in time they need it.

R&D of Games

We test both gameplay and monetization strategy by tracking analytics in order to find more about player interaction.

VR and AR technologies is another perfect way to reach maximum game immersion with fascinating effect.

Moreover, the market of VR/AR games is rapidly growing, so you have the brilliant opportunity to catch your place over there. We are here to consult you with your game concept in VR/AR.

R&D of Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are another way to reach customers and for business having a regular mobile application is taken for granted nowadays. Requirements for application quality increase that is why we strive to create fascinating 3D experiences for mobile application. Our core directions are design, architecture, and marketing.


low-risk software development.

Achieve a low-risk software development by creating a complex and effective analysis of the software product idea.

The risk price is not that expensive in the first stages of the product lifecycle.

Especially it applies to innovational ideas.

So it is better to check it now than to notice some shortcomings later when the price of the mistake will rise significantly.


R&D stages we stick to.

Each process is better when it is well organized and structured. At Crysberry we stick to the following R&D stages.

Find out requirements

attentive studying of your project’s features and cost/time estimation of realization

Define the riskiest functionality

understanding of possible positive and negative ways of development

Implement it through the Proof of Concept

development of the basic functionality that helps to understand what to add, and what to delete

Design creation

UX/UI design of the future product that meets users expectations and will be understandable

MVP development

MVP development (development of the product with all necessary functionality, when first users can rate it)


manual and automation testing of the product, that allows identifying bugs and improving the product

Business Analysis in R&D.

Business Analysis as the initial stage of idea evaluation helps us to identify the possible risk of software development and understand where to move forward. Using numerous business analysis techniques, our specialists will transfer your idea into the finally established vision and will not allow you to fail.

Design in R&D.

It is difficult to move on to development, without a well-formed responsive design. Therefore, our team gives on an inherent role to design. You have a ready version of the responsive design, great! We can move straight to development. If there are any difficulties, we have a large pool of UX / UI specialists who transfer your vision of future software product to static or interactive prototypes.

Development in R&D.

And here we are going to the longest, but still important stage - development in R&D. Customers do love when the product works properly and failure-free, and responsibility for this belongs to the development. Our developers will spare no effort to translate project design into the accomplished functionality.


use R&D for different platforms.

iOS / macOS

Native development for devices with different versions of iOS and macOS.


Native mobile development for Android various devices - smartphones and tablets.


VR development for different headsets - Oculus, HTC, PS


Development of web games, 3D applications, UX/UI design.

are you still thinking if R&D is the right choice for you? Check out the list.

  • The enthusiastic young entrepreneur, who just come with the idea of a unique software product startup.
  • The experienced entrepreneur who what to create a fantastic VR application.
  • The guy, who has a perfectly working mobile application, and want to impress his customers more with additional AR feature.
  • The person is obsessed with VR/AR games, who is willing to create his own game.
  • The woman, who wants to change the education system with an awesome AR/VR educational application.

Have you found any similarities with yourself?