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About Us

Crysberry Studio has been constantly growing since the 2013 year of founding. What started as a small venture with only 3 people onboard has transformed into a thriving software development company.

we specialize in VR/AR, game, and mobile development for Education, Entertainment, Enterprise.

We believe that there is no “one size fits all” model for software development, but the individual approach to each client and each project.

we work with international projects from all over the globe and are proud to have happy clients in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia as well as other countries from all over the world.

we strive to cultivate an environment that allows our best expert minds to cooperate together with our clients and partners.

Only through ensuring seamless collaboration, we inspire each party to achieve outstanding results

we expand your business idea into a product with a crystal-clear system inside and a berry on top.

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our core values

In order to provide the most efficient services, we stick to important rules. For this reason, our clients rely on us and are tuned on long-term cooperation.

Careful attitude to the team

We build relationships on support and respect for the team, customers and partners.

Transparency and predictability

Everyone in the team has the opportunity to contribute to and improve our company. We talk about problems and try to solve them together.


Any changes begin with each employee and with the question — have I done everything to achieve the best result?

Continuous improvement

Our big goal is to create innovation in the industry. We study, expand our expertise and common background. Then we ask — How can we improve it?

Crysberry - is about people

We hire the best talents, who are interested in bringing the company to the next level and strive to bring an individual approach to each product that we create. Meet our management team.


Head of business development

The person you have the most of initial communication. Miroslava will help you to convert the idea into the working product. Let her know if you have such.


Lead Mobile Developer

The guru of iOS and MacOS native development. Dmitry has vast experience in developing different types of native applications and leading teams.


Recruitment Team Lead

Nataly will close any vacancy within deadlines. She coordinates the recruitment team for the productive working process.

Elena Kretova


HR & Talent management, Talent acquisition

Alex Bulat

CEO & Founder

Software development, Business Strategy, IT Consultation


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