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design matters a lot

Every successful software product goes with a well-thoughtful design. Most of your users interact only with design without thinking about the inside, the algorithms, all that technical stuff.

Of course, if an application performs badly, they will notice this. But the main idea is that first thing your customers evaluate in your product is the design. We remember about it.

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what do we provide?


Understandable and aesthetically attractive interfaces of software products. We analyze various factors that influence users’ interactions with applications or websites.


The UX/UI for VR, AR, MR. More factors to analyze, more perceptions to consider, more dimensions to take into account. Diving into these new technologies, don’t forget about these things.

Concept Creation

Before developing a game you need to create a concept to understand if the idea is feasible or not. We help to work out the visual part of the future game, characters, environment. Share your idea and we’ll visualize it!


Allow your users to test the basic functionality of your software product, to understand how it useful and easy to use. We build a prototype on the ground of your target audience. Try your app before development!

Graphic Design

Creation of any type of 2D art — icons, characters, items, scenes for mobile apps, and games. We can make your product attractive to users with bright elements. Surprise your users with the creative design!

3D Modelling

Real-like 3D models, that fascinate your users. We have expertise in various 3D modeling directions, from characters creation to architectural prototypes. Achieve maximum results with great 3D models!

design services and R&D

R&D is a complex approach to the creation of software products. And design service is a vitally important part of it.

We research the psychological, behavioral habits of users and implement them into a product.

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check of technical feasibility of the idea



UX/UI design



showcase of basic requirements and user interfaces



a product having the core features allowing to get feedback from the porudct;s initial users


Complete Product

a product with a full set of features

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