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AR Glasses

Prototype for AR application for iOS and Android


Project Overview

An app in iOS and Android that makes it easy to find the sunglasses/glasses that fit your face via the camera app. When opening the app, the camera identifies the user’s face type and puts on the glasses that suit best user’s face type. The user can save the picture and easily share on Facebook.




R&D AR development




Unity developer, Business Analyst


  • to give a user the opportunity to try on the glasses remotely before buying them
  • to be able to take pictures with those glasses models user have chosen
  • to be able to share on FB, so friends can like and vote which glasses fit best
  • to “buy” the glasses with the help of 2 buttons. One button that will open a map and show the user the closest stores that have the model. Another button will take the user to the webshop for the glasses (front page of the shop)
  • “to try those glasses on” function so you can try someone else’s glasses that have been shared on Facebook (if they use has the app, else the user is redirected to App/Play Store).

Key features

  • the ability to recognize the users face form
  • in-app purchases
  • social sharing
  • glass reflection

Business Value

Give the ability to customers to try any glasses without visiting an offline store and get delivery.

The AR app is another marketing channel for glasses retailers. It supposed to bring additional sales to the client. The glass masks might be added to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram as a promo.


AR glasses AR glasses

AR glasses

Result of interaction with a client

The client got all needed consultation in regards to AR development with Unity. We developed the initial version of the application but, unfortunately, the project was closed.