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AR application for satellites viewing


Project overview

Satbeams, a highly specialized app, is an AR solution that lets users of all backgrounds find satellites and beams without an Internet connection. In the middle of a desert looking for a satellite that could broadcast a signal, at home looking a TV. The users can see a clear and true-to-life picture of the satellite environment.




R&D AR development

The team

  • 2 iOS experts
  • 2 Android experts


  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • RESTfull API
  • AR


  • create the opportunity to see the real-life satellites through a smartphone or iPad camera
  • add offline mode
  • add filtering
  • use AR technology for localization of satellites


  • Locating satellites and beams with the help of Augmented Reality (turns on automatically once the device is pointed up)
  • Overlaying beams with population density, weather conditions, etc.
  • Smart orbit view – orbital positions, satellites, and beams are colored based on a selected location
  • Filtering by a band, operator, satellite name, etc.
  • Dish alignment calculation
  • Full offline mode
  • Objects customization of the view depending on the location
  • Customization of the view depending on the selected time frame
  • Easy navigation of the show via the iPad app for convenient demonstration


Agile Scrum methodology with everyday stand-ups.
5000+ hours of development.

Business value

To give users with different background to see satellites that are above their heads.
The ability to share screenshots with the network so the users keep educated.


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