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Happiness Project

The scientific application for iOS and Android


Project description

Imagine how it is great to discover users’ happiness levels while they play games. And in general — to know the model of people’s happiness. We had the luck to work with the person who developed such a formula.

Robb Rutledge — the cognitive and computational neuroscientist from London’s University. He makes researches in the area of people’s happiness and sadness depending on their behavior and decisions.

We created the scientific app for collecting science data for the University experiments. Robb’s team gathers information about the emotional state of people after they win and lose playing mini-games.

Currently, the application consists of two mini-games and several surveys.

scientific mobile application


University College London




Staff Augmentation/ R&D


Unity/ PHP

The team

  • 1 Unity;
  • 1 PHP Backend;
  • 1 2D Artist part-time;
  • 1 QA;
  • 1 Project coordinator.


  • To create games with existed design choosing the suitable game mechanic;
  • to create a tracking system for users achievements;
  • choose a database to collect users results;
  • to make the ability for synchronization between devices;
  • to create lacking arts for the application.

Key features

  • Several minigames and surveys with different game mechanics;
  • quests system and achievement tracking;
  • fill this full statistics of all player actions;
  • progress system and synchronization between different devices;
  • push notification integration.


Every week the client sent us the scope of requirements for a week, we analyzed it and discussed it on Monday meetings. During these meetings, the client’s team gave reports on what they had done and what are the next plans.


Besides we kept everyday communication in Slack messenger.


We used Jira to keep the requirements and control the process.


9+ months spent on the version of 2 mini-games. More games are in the development flow now.

science application development