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14 Valid Reasons to Outsource Your Software Development to Ukraine


19 June 2019

Petcube, Grammarly, and PromoRepublic were all developed in Ukraine. Samsung and Microsoft have their R&D offices in Ukraine.

Moreover, the developers of WhatsApp and PayPal were born and raised here.

We bet you didn’t know this.

Most people don’t.

And if you’re among that majority, then you simply underestimated the powerful potential behind Ukraine’s IT minds that are recognized worldwide.

That is the truth you should know to be able to choose the right country to outsource your software development to.  

This article aims to answer the questions of those looking for the best remote software development teams that would build great products and not make businesses go bankrupt due to the enormous expenses.

So, read on to learn why you should definitely consider Ukraine-based outsourcing companies to help you with your software development.

After all, Ukraine is now a leader in IT outsourcing with new IT companies emerging every day.

Meet our 14 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your software development to Ukraine.

Why outsource mobile app development to Ukraine

1. The level of education.

One of the things that people get most overwhelmed with when searching for an outsourcing software development company is the level of education the outsourced specialists have.
We totally understand your concerns: you only want to hire the best specialists for the sake of your product’s quality. And after all, it is not at all cost-efficient to hire someone with little to no expertise in the industry and pay for him gaining experience on-the-go!
You’re right if you look for well-educated and highly-qualified experts to work for you. And Ukraine has all you need.
Not only Ukraine is 17th in the list of countries with the highest literacy rate in the world, but it is also home to 150 technical universities.
Trusted sources state that around 23,000 technical specialists graduate from various technical educational institutions across Ukraine every year.
Besides, according to Ukraine Digital News, among those 23,000 graduates around 35% opt for IT-related specializations.
How amazing is this?

2. 172000 IT specialists.

Yes, exactly. That’s how many IT specialists we have here. And the talent pool keeps growing year on year with all the new graduates.
In fact, Ukraine is ranked among the countries with the biggest number of IT minds available and is home to 6% of the world’s highly-educated specialists in IT as well as other industries.
So, and with all the other benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine we will talk about next, this makes it a perfect destination for software development outsourcing.

3. Mature IT market.

Among other reasons worth mentioning is the fact that the Ukrainian IT market is quite mature. According to EBA, Ukraine is among Top 25 countries also known as IT services exporters. Many successful startups trust Ukrainian outsourcing companies with their custom software development – and get the best results in the long run.

4. Lower prices.

Money is important for business owners. That is why they choose to outsource their software development to Ukraine with its unbelievable financial attractiveness.
To help you understand how attractive the Ukrainian IT market is, we’ll compare it to those of the neighboring countries.
Ukraine is #1 on the list of European countries with the best rates in IT. It is followed by Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, and Lithuania.

5. European mentality.

When outsourcing software development to Ukraine, you get great products delivered thanks to the cultural proximity of Ukraine to the rest of the European countries.
And you have to agree that it is easier to work with European-thinking folks than with people whose culture is significantly different. You think differently and perceive things from different perspectives, and this affects the communication which is vital to the success of your business. Besides, the business style of Ukrainian entrepreneurs is similar to that of the Western European ones.
All in all, it is better for you to collaborate with those who are on the same page with you.

6. Time zone.

Ukraine has one or two hours difference with the majority of European countries, which is nothing compared to, for example, Asian countries. No need to burn the midnight oil while working late with your development team on their time. No need to wake up in the middle of the night for conference calls, for crying out loud! Time gaps are very little and can be even unnoticed.

7. No visas required.

Ukraine is open for business travel. And if you’re visiting short-term up to 90 days, you don’t need to get a visa. This makes Ukraine a rather wonderful destination for software development outsourcing.

8. Non-disclosure agreements can be signed upon request.

Ukrainian IT companies typically agree to work under the terms of NDA upon request. So, if for some reasons, you don’t want to disclose some information, you can discuss it with your team.
This does not always happen as easily in other European countries. We are proud to have such an advantage.

9. Intellectual property rights guarantee.

Ukrainians respect the laws. So, they stick to intellectual property laws.
Thus, you can be sure that whatever was developed for you will not be passed on to someone else or taken credit for without your consent. What’s yours is yours for sure!
So, your products are secure in Ukraine.

10. Good command of English.

80% of Ukrainian IT specialists have a good command of English. They can easily communicate about professional matters, and you won’t have to struggle with a language barrier.
An average Ukrainian starts learning English at the age of 6. So, by the time an individual starts developing your products, he has years of language learning behind him!

11. A wide range of options among the IT specialists.

The tech stack of Ukrainian software developers is also quite impressive.
Out of 172,000 IT specialists, 130,000 are actually software developers. The most popular programming technologies in Ukraine are C/C++, Java, PHP, C#, and JavaScript.
In the meantime, Ukraine claims the first spot in the world’s rank by the number of C++ and Unity experts,
the second by the number of Magento, Scala, and JavaScript developers,
and the third spot by the number of ASP.NET, Ruby, Python, and Node.js specialists available.
As you see, we have all the tech stack your company might ever need! We focus on the cutting-edge technologies to meet your business needs at the time being.

12. Certified professionals.

Hackathons, conferences, training programs, and internships are extremely popular among IT experts in Ukraine. They refuse to stop growing, as they realize that the minute they stop developing their expertise will no longer be relevant to the market.
The vibrant tech community is always on a lookout for events to attend and ways to deepen their knowledge and grow their expertise.

13. Simplified taxation system.

You can open your business within two business days. No kidding!
Ukraine is open for new businesses and welcomes investments. That is why the government has made the process of starting your own business simpler compared to the practices of our neighboring countries.
Moreover, IT companies in Ukraine enjoy the simplified taxation system. And that is truly one of the greatest benefits of Ukraine’s outsourcing companies: lower taxes translate into lower rates.

14. Cut business travel expenses.

Ukraine is a close destination.
Only an hour or two (depending on where you live) – and you’re sitting in the same office as your development team.
And with an abundance of low-cost flights available, you won’t spend much money on business travel (the average cost per flight is 70 euros). 2-3 hours from any European capital – and you’re here.

Software development outsourcing is what companies from all over the world choose Ukraine for. And they have all the reasons for it.

And if you’re thinking about doing the same, then we can only encourage you and tell you that you won’t regret it.

The only thing we want to mention is that as in any other country, it is important to choose the right company to outsource product development.

The high-level service compies have specialization on the particular development technologies and work specifically for certain industries. In such a case, there is a better chance to find exactly what you need. And get a perfect product!