Unity 3D

What is unity 3d?

  • Unity 3D is a powerful multi-platform 3D engine, used to create games and applications for mobile, web, desktop and consoles. It is highly flexible, fully responsive and can be completely integrated to suit your needs and objectives both at the front and back end.
  • We have extensive experience in Unity 3D development and have created projects for many different industries.

Crysberry has proven expertise using Unity 3D for:

  • Merchandising and retailers – connect with your customers through a fully responsive retail app as we did with Kantar Retail
  • Cinema and planetariums – entertain and amaze with beautiful and powerful graphics like those we used in Event Horizone
  • Gaming – satisfy even the most discerning gamer with stunning UX and design, reach new fans through all the major platforms as we did with TapTiles and MoneyFish
  • Architecture – fill gaps in clients’ imagination using virtual reality as with VR Presenter

How Unity 3D can help you:

  • Digitize your hobby, allowing you to practise wherever and whenever you are
    Create digital apps out of physical games
  • Visualize design and buildings, explore the possibilities of architecture schemes
  • Create complex UI solutions for all types of user

Who will benefit from Unity 3D?

  • VR Start-ups and product companies
  • Game development companies (either product owners or outsourcers)
  • Design bureaus
  • Construction companies
  • Publishers
  • Big data holders
  • Cinema and Computer Graphics
  • Entertainment providers, e.g. gambling.

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