Team Extension


Team Extension

Software development is our expertise, so who better to choose your software engineers and entire IT team than us? At Crysberry we know what we’re doing when it comes to software development and will recruit the best IT minds, specifically for your company, that will help increase production while cutting back on spending. Our team extensions curate your ideal team members with a variety of specialties from all over so that all you have to do is welcome them onboard.

How it Works

You let us know what specialties you are looking for and we take care of the entire hiring process, including HR procedures. We bring together an excellent team that can work on your projects and increase your output like never before. You benefit from not having to participate in the administrative recruitment process while enjoying the growth of your business and productivity.

When you Need a Team Extension

Every business needs an IT team that is talented and efficient. This service is particularly useful for those who are consistently required to meet exceedingly difficult product development goals without an increase in budget. You can also benefit as a company that needs to create new products but cannot sacrifice your current team. Lastly, you may just be having a difficult time finding the great IT people in your area that are also within your budget. Whatever the reason, our team extensions can relieve your hiring stress and meets all of your IT needs.

What you Get:

Our Team Extensions provide you with significant company savings, complete transparency of costs and control over spending, increased access to top talent globally, full recruitment management, efficient team curation and payroll management. Take the stress out of finding and hiring the perfect team and let us do it for you!


Kantar Retail


We were approached by the largest IT company in Ukraine, Kantar Retail, with the offer of cooperation on the largest Unity3D non-game project.


Kantar Retails lacked qualified resources to ensure top quality project development. The client wanted to use Agile methodology, including Scrumban with artifacts such as retrospective, Kanban board, demo meetings and workshops.


The client wanted to create an enterprise solution with a complex structure designed for commercial use in retail stores. We started the project by going through the large selection of potential candidate companies and quickly proceeded directly to work. The projects took over 8000 hours and would not have been possible without our Team Extensions.


Our client was able to focus on his main business objectives, while our curated team of highly qualified professionals were bringing his vision to life. Since the Team Extension was mostly offsite, Kantar Retails was able to save on the cost required for setting up an office and technical necessities for the developers. They also benefitted from decreased risk since they were only responsible for managing the local scrum master team. Our Team Extension provided our client with reports and analytics so that they were aware of the development process and able to plan further sales and delivered a tremendous final product and generous savings.


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