About us


Welcome to the future of breakthrough software development

Yes, we are a custom software development company, who believe that mobile applications and specialist software have the power to transform your business. Yes, we offer specific and highly skilled consulting on all areas of mobile applications and software development. The heart of our company is complex business analysis and technical consulting; recommending high-end bespoke solutions which are entirely tailored to the needs of each client. Yes, we create and develop incredible mobile apps for Android and iOS plus Unity3D and full stack development services. And yes, we are a diverse and creative team of highly skilled people, which means you benefit from deep insights into every area of software development; from business analysis, right through to delivering a fully tested product.

But enough about us, we want to talk about you. Exceptional software development begins with an innate understanding of your needs as a client. Our mission is simple, to provide exceptional app development and bespoke solutions, tailored to your individual expectations and those of your audience. Your differences are what we seek to celebrate in the products we supply to you. Our applications are not one size fits all and we do not create to a formula. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients, working together to create strategies that drive your business forward. All ideas are special. Together we will create something extraordinary.




We work closely with you to analyse your current situation, so we fully understand your objectives. Our technical consultancy recommends innovative solutions to fully exploit the potential of software to drive your business into the future. We consider you our partner, not simply our client.



User experience is at the core of everything we do. We design the most efficient system for your needs, with high level specifications and stunning design elements. We keep you informed throughout the entire process to ensure you are entirely satisfied.



Our team are highly experienced software developers. We focus on every detail of the development process to ensure the highest possible standards of user engagement and consistency. Our mission is to create solutions which are not only functionally superior but also breathtakingly beautiful.



Our commitment to you doesn’t end when we hand over the finished product. We stick around to ensure the solution is fully effective in every way, and provide support to ensure that it stays that way.


Alex Bulat

Alex Bulat

CTO & Co-founder

With 9+ years experience in software industry, I had a chance to work with companies at different stages, from startups to large established companies, and sizes, from 30+ to 5,000+ people. There is no “one-size-fits-all” model, as each software company has unique needs, challenges and budgets that require a clear understanding of their environment and ultimate goals.

Irina Morozova

Irina Morozova

CEO & Co-founder

I have more than 10 years of experience in IT sphere. I worked in different companies with plenty of projects. Since 2013, as a CEO and co-founder at Crysberry, I’ve been helping companies wisely leverage technology and benefit from what we can deliver by designing and implementing software products.

Oleg Tsolan

Oleg Tsolan

Lead Project Manager

I have been working in project management for more than 5 years in various IT companies. Working for a multitude of different projects (from 200 man/hours to 25,000) and teams (from 2 to 25 people) before, I have my own approach to solving complex tasks, which helped to solve highly complex problems in a short time.

Nataliya Naboka

Nataliya Naboka

QA Team Lead

I love being a part of something bigger that makes a difference and take care of product quality and customer satisfaction. My job challenges me every day in different ways, but being a perfectionist allows me to get the best results. I like Crysberry because people at this company are a pleasure to work with and make it enjoyable to come to work. Here we have a freedom to think outside the box. And…I just love the job I do=)