What is node.js?

  • Node.js is a modern, flexible and rapidly evolving software platform that covers multiple applications. It is a great choice if you need a pilot project or quick implementation of your idea. Completely scalable, and able to withstand huge loads, node.js is perfect to get your ideas up and running quickly. Node.js is super-efficient and can seamlessly support your application as it grows in popularity and into the future.
  • Crysberry has extensive experience in Node.js development and has created projects for many different industries.

Who will benefit from node.js?

  • Projects with heavy load (Big Data)
  • Start-ups that need quick implementation of their ideas with scope to grow
  • Projects that require impeccable security and protection of user data
  • Anyone who needs good bandwidth and data streaming, for example online learning
  • E-commerce companies
  • Financial projects in which secure and flexible technology is

How node.js can help you:

  • Allows you to get your concept up and running quickly and to develop your ideas further
  • Compatible with a huge number of related technologies and can be implemented on any platform
  • Highly efficient to work with – uses only one development language, both on the server and client side.
  • A vast community – large number of developments that are all ready to use in implementing your idea.

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