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Mobile App as a Brand Marketing Channel


21 June 2019

It’s very important for brands to be more visible to their customers. In fact, LucidPress state that “89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.”

Brands are using many effective marketing strategies: TV and Google ads, outdoor and printed advertising, sponsorship, loyalty programs, etc.

We live in a digital era when people touch their smartphones 2,617 times a day, according to Dscout research. Smartphone users spend more time in applications today than they did in previous years. In this case, we understand that corporate mobile app can be really useful as the voice of the brand.  


Here we can see the number of apps downloads in previous years and the prediction for the 2022 year. No doubt that mobile apps usage is growing every day.

Smartphone users should be among your target audiences. So, why don’t you use this opportunity to reach out to all of your mobile app consumers? 90 out of 100 top global companies with strong branding strategies have their solutions available on mobile devices.

Benefits of mobile platforms for brands

1. Increasing your brand awareness

Average persons from America and Europe use their smartphones for more than 2 hours every day. By increasing your brand’s visibility, you will also grow your email list faster. Besides, you will have one more platform where your audience can engage with the brand. And remember that:

  • User-centric apps are your key to success;
  • UI/UX comes first;
  • Value is at the core of corporate apps;
  • Pushing the most useful content is mandatory;
  • Easy navigation is a must;
  • Superior performance is possible with native development.

2. Collecting consumers’ data

If your application solves users’ problems, they will share their data without asking for extra bonuses or special proposals in return. Moreover, if you offer great value and high-quality content, customers will gladly use this app. But the main point is that this application has to be useful.

There are a lot of different methods to collect consumers’ data. We want to emphasize some general options:


You can collect some data from the very beginning. For this, you need to create a small form for registration. And we do mean small and really simple. At this stage, you might ask a user’s name, e-mail, country, age, interests, etc.

Bonus Quiz.

If you can offer bonuses or discounts, that’s a great idea to use them for quizzes or special offers.

In-app behavior analysis.

This is the most common method to collect user data inside the loyalty apps. Your users make purchases, check out different products and leave their reviews. This will help you optimize your marketing strategy and budget.

Content analysis.

This method can help you convert textual sources into quantitative information.

3. Increasing loyalty

A mobile app is a perfect tool to build loyalty. There are many examples, but you might know about Starbucks success story. No doubt, they are a real leader in strengthening brand loyalty with an engaging mobile app. They’ve created:

  • An outstanding mobile experience;
  • A system of rewarding for grocery product purchases;
  • An exclusive Gold card;
  • A fantastic user experience;
  • An additional value for clients.

Many experts list the Starbucks Rewards program as one of the top ones in retail.   

4. Growing your email list and boosting sales

According to Access Development, at least 38% of mobile users utilize mobile coupons when shopping online. That should be your step forward to your target audience.   

A lot of brands use mobile applications as a powerful marketing tool. Mobile apps enable better personal interaction between brands and customers. Mobile apps humanize brands and facilitate better customer engagement. And this allows brands to increase loyalty and, as a result, grow sales.

As a business owner, you should realize that it is crucial to make your business solutions available on mobile devices. Because that’s where people are these days, and you need to make it accessible for them.

So, develop a mobile app today?