Fixed cost


Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost projects are a great choice for businesses that know the exact specifications of what they need. If you know what goals you want to achieve, the full project requirements and need to remain in a certain budget than this is an excellent option for you. At CrysBerry, our Fixed Cost projects are very straightforward by allowing you to provide the information necessary along with your budget and we do the rest.

How it Works

Fixed Costs projects start with a business providing the full requirements and scope of the project along with the fixed cost. We are able to estimate the time needed and ensure the delivery of all elements on time and within your budget. Once we receive the deliverables from you, we take care of every aspect of the production and delivery process with our own team. The final step is for you to review the delivered project and approve. This is an excellent choice for people with a very specific product vision who want to achieve that vision without breaking their budget.

When you Need a Fixed Cost Project:

Our Fixed Cost projects offer an incredible service to bring your products to fruition without the hassle of management. This is beneficial to people managing multiple projects already who lack the bandwidth to take on another project, those looking for a temporary team to complete the work rather than hiring additional staff, or those who really need to keep the entire project in a designated budget. Whether you already have a lot of work on or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle of product development and management, our fixed cost projects will be able to offer a quick turnaround and a phenomenal final project while staying in your budget.

What you Get

With our Fixed Cost projects, you get to enjoy a fixed cost project guaranteed to stay within your budget, a project manager dedicated to your project, industry experts and remarkable staff, efficient team build and process implementation and a decrease in management risks. Try out Fixed Projects today and see how we can turn your product dreams into reality.




MoneyFish was created with the idea of bringing the excitement of Alaskan Fishing into the gaming world. Our client needed help designing and implementing the game in order to take it to market.


The idea for MoneyFish came from a fisherman who wanted to make his job digital for people to enjoy. The idea was to create a game that would engage users while learning a thing or two about fishing.


Using the general concept of MoneyFish, we began creating analytics that included a selection of technologies and approaches, team size, team qualification, and specialists that should be on the project to make the idea become a reality. Our team created a list of detailed project tasks that included the estimation for the future version releases and also provided our client with proof of concept creation in order to give the understanding of the overall development process duration.


Our client finally saw his vision come to fruition with MoneyFish being released in the App Store for a broad audience. Since we took control of the process and management, MoneyFish did not have to hire a BA or have to set up an office, allowing him to stay focused on his main business.



Satbeams is a project that came to us from a client who wanted to develop a satellite/GPS app (Satbeams) with a limited budget and a specific scope, but lacked the resources to do so.


Satbeams had a limited budget and wanted to focus on the launch of his own product with the further option to customize it for his customers as needed.


Our first step was to analyze the project specification and split it into milestones to provide customer with the timeframe for the project launch. We conducted research to choose which technical solution would fit best into this project, and chose the Agile methodology. Key features included Scrumban with retrospective, Kanban board and demo meetings.


The final product allowed our client to benefit from not having to hire and support onsite developers in order to launch his own product. With mitigated risks, he was able to launch his own product, sign contracts with customers for further customization and enjoy the success of business growth.


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