Dedicated Team


Dedicated Team

Putting together a talented and dedicated team for projects can require a lot of time and effort that you could be spending on other aspects of your business. At Crysberry, our Dedicated Team removes all of the tedious recruiting tasks, the stress of securing top talent and the time-consuming process of hiring so that you can focus on things that need to get done for your business. We are well-equipped to handle the entire process and help manage teams while improving overall performance and productivity.

How it Works

In order to create a Dedicated Team, you start by choosing the team members that work for you, whether that is onshore, nearshore or offshore. Once selected, your Dedicated Team can begin working on any projects right away, leaving you with room to decide on what requirements need to be met and giving you the ability to change your mind in the process. Having a Dedicated Team set up to handle and manage projects lets you quickly and efficiently grow your company. The Dedicated Team specializes in product management, increasing productivity and improving overall performance, while managing teams and reducing your spending.

When you Need a Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team can be beneficial to businesses in varying stages. You may find this useful if you are in need of a quick buildup of staff, but lack the time or experience necessary to manage the recruitment process. Dedicated Team is also required when a business is launching a new product and lacks a proper product managements support. Lastly, you may simply be short-staffed and in need of top notch workers who can get your company where it needs to be. No matter the reason, our Dedicated Team will bring out the best in your product and business.

What you Get

Our Dedicated Team provides you with significant company savings, complete cost transparency and control of spending, quicker time to market, full recruitment and HR management, efficient team curation and payroll management. Let our Dedicated Team take care of all of your project needs and rest assured that your project is in expert hands.


Arkadium Inc.


Arkadium Inc. hired Crysberry with the goal of bringing their product to new markets. The live projects are for the game Taptiles available on Google Play, Microsoft and Apple iTunes.


Arkadium Inc. was looking to extend its product reach in order to obtain a greater audience and target its market niche. The client had no development resources to implement the project and sought our services in order to meet the development needs. They opted to manage our Dedicated Team for the duration of the project and provided us with the timeframe and budget in order for us to create an implementation plan.


Our team began by conducting in-depth research to ensure applied technologies would work for this particular project. Then we created a plan with suggested steps and milestones to be worked through in order to make sure we were able to deliver the project successfully and on time. Our Dedicated Team worked additionally to cover two mobile platforms (Android and Apple) as well as the web game platform (Microsoft) and worked closely with Art Artist to create the excellent effects seen in Taptiles on each one. Once we had Taptiles designed and developed to Arkadium Inc. standards, we ensured a smooth user experience for customers on each platform before submitting to the client for final approval.


Arkadium Inc. was able to enjoy the success of their product development without the hassle of hiring a new development team. The company also benefitted from lower risk management since they only had to manage the team of developers. Arkadium Inc. increased both audience and revenue due to our fast deployment of new versions of Taptiles while also cutting back on overall costs.


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