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Event Horizon

An astronomical 3D simulator


Project overview

An astronomic simulator for planetarium and a perfect teaching tool with 100% accurate information and visual representation of space objects. To develop the app we analyzed loads of scientific data, closed collaboration with scholars. We used  NASA data at the application’s core.




Education, Nature Science


R&D Unity development




  • 1 Project Manager
  • 4 Unity developers
  • 1 Designer


  • Accurate, scientifically-backed visualization of all space objects 
  • Customization of the view depending on the location 
  • Customization of the view depending on the selected time frame 
  • The ability to interact with the space objects shown
  • Easy navigation of the show via the iPad app for convenient demonstration 
  • Projection to the planetarium pot


  • High-quality render system for projection show using projectors to hemisphere surface
  • Constellation database renderer ~110k of stars
  • Astronomical accuracy for positioning planets stars in a specific time
  • Multi-culture support 
  • Lecture program for iPad
  • Scriptable actions and camera events
  • 4k Textured objects
Unity simulator

Business value

A new visualization show for planetarium visitors. Creation of a realtime educational platform that helps teachers to make the studying process exciting.

The client brought a new approach to the educational process. The formula is simple: the value to customers = the profit to the business.


Unity simulatorUnity simulator