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AR application for girls

AR application for girls


Project overview

An interactive AR-based application targeted for primary and middle school girls. The main concept is to entertain younger users while interacting with their virtual dolls, each having a different personality in the cyberspace dollhouse. The primary genre of the game is exploration/adventure allowing users to learn useful life lessons – daily house routine, personal care, fashion, house-riding, etc.

The child can choose different decorations for her doll and the house, unlock the new ones, play smaller action and puzzle games, etc. All games, events, and items interact by either earning or costing GC points. While playing a game, the young user earns points, which she can further exchange on useful items in the game.






R&D development




  • Unity experts
  • One project manager


  • to develop a marker-based AR application that complements real dolls with virtual entertainment
  • to create features for each doll, depending on the real description
  • to create mini-games and challenges
  • AR atop real objects to have an opportunity to take selfies with dolls

Key features

  • Augmented Photo – photos with additional objects on the screen and with the possibility to draw over this photo
  • Augmented Reality with animated doll models anchored to the printed mark
  • Added coloring books, different types of clothes with which users can interact and earn points

Business value

The application teaches little girls basic life lessons in an interactive AR form. It allows expanding the engagement with the lovely doll.
The application gives the client a competitive position as it is a unique app.


AR application for girls
AR application for girls
AR application for girls