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Technology, VR / AR 8 August 2019
VR patents and AR patents: What’s new?

VR/AR technologies are changing our world constantly. This is proved by rising the number of VR news and AR news in recent times....

Management, Technology 25 July 2019
A mobile application with Unity. The process and the cost.

Nowadays, many business owners are looking for a possibility to develop a mobile application with Unity. Find out more about the pros...

Technology 10 July 2019
Machine learning in games: prospects for your app

We offer an overview of machine learning in game development. Find out if AI can make your app more exciting. And check how to provide...

Marketing, Technology 26 June 2019
Game promotion. Zero budget marketing and advanced ways of promotion

The ideas for game promotion with zero budget. Besides here you'll find the recommendations to promote your game in advanced ways.

Marketing, Technology 26 June 2019
The things you should know before start game development

A small guide for beginners and practicing game developers. A few words about how to create a game for people will play. Pros of...

Crysberry, Marketing, Technology 25 June 2019
Ukrainian IT market review for 2018 (with statistics)

Ukrainian IT specialists got the reputation of skilled experts and companies from around the world trust them the development of...

Technology 25 June 2019
Hospitable Development or Technology in the Hospitality Industry

Technology in the hospitality industry is getting more sophisticated. We gathered the most important advances in hospitality tech to...

Technology, VR / AR 24 June 2019
How technology has changed the face of education

Technologies and education are inseparable. There is a statement that students' grades increased by 20% with the aid of using...

Technology 24 June 2019
The Process of Mobile App Development Explained

How to organise the process of mobile app development? What roles have to be presented there? What are the stages of mobile app...

Management, Technology 21 June 2019
How Much It Costs to Develop an App

This is a question that bothers many business owners. And it is the cost of a developed application that often defines whether an...

Management, Technology 21 June 2019
11 Reasons Why Startups Should Outsource Software Development

Outsource or not outsource your software development? That is a question! Here are a few points to find the answer.

Technology 21 June 2019
7 Ways Quality Assurance Can Help Your Business

Bugs are inevitable no matter how talented and qualified the development team you hired are. Check out how Quality Assurance can help...

Technology 21 June 2019
Mobile App as a Brand Marketing Channel

A mobile application is another opportunity for your business to reach customers. Another brand marketing channel. Know how to use it.

Technology 19 June 2019
Encryption: Everything You Need to Know About Cryptography

You know how they say: “He who has the information has the power”? Information is one of the most valuable things in our lives....