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6 Jaw-Dropping Virtual Reality Benefits for Businesses


24 June 2019

What first association comes to your mind when you hear about Virtual Reality? And when you hear Virtual Reality and business together?

If you still think this is something dangerous and useless, probably you skipped our first article about Virtual Reality. Where we figured out that VR is not a digital monster but the future of the technology world.

Besides games and entertainments, this technology has a lot more to offer to your business.

For starters, check out these six best benefits of virtual reality you do not want to miss out on. Read each point to find an answer to this question: “What is in virtual reality for your business?”

6 advantages of utilizing virtual reality technologies in your business

1. Revolutionized in-store experience.

Crysberry participated in the development of a fantastic virtual reality app that makes in-store experience better both for retailers and their customers.

As a result of those efforts, Kantar Retail, a new word in an economical and fine-tuned retailing, came to being. These guys strive to help you choose the best retail solutions and utilize them in your store.

And they are doing a very good job – you can see it for yourself in the videos on their channel!

Such VR apps help retailers save time and money they would otherwise spend on finding proper retailing solutions. Besides, you won’t need too many people involved in the process – just a pair of hands with a background in this area will be enough to realize the task.
When it comes to organizing or remodeling a store layout, there is nothing as powerful and convenient as VR technologies.
According to Forbes, VR is “becoming a greater part of testing consumer acceptance, A/B testing different format options, and more. It’s far cheaper to build out a virtual store than a real one, and the feedback retailers get about virtual store designs is close enough to what they would get in a physical environment as to make no difference.”
Here is a great video to illustrate this notion:

And that is only one-way virtual reality can meet your business needs.

2. Improved recruitment process.

With virtual reality, you can now conduct interviews with potential candidates that live in other cities or even countries – and still watch the person’s reactions, mimics, and body language as if that person is sitting in the same room with you.

International companies, as well as enterprises that use outsource labor to develop certain projects, should be among the first to apply VR in their recruiting system, as it makes it possible to choose the ideal fit for the position.

So, if your company could use some improved recruitment system, then virtual reality is the answer.

Thus, for instance, the German company, Deutsch Bahn, has used virtual reality to hire more successful prospects to cover their need for 10,000 new employees.

According to their Head of Talent Acquisition, all the applicants were put into difficult situations connected with the positions they are applying for and talents were chosen based on their performance under pressure.

As a result, the company could reach the goal of acquiring 10,000 talents and hired really determined staff to work for them, Recruiting Tools report.

3. Innovative workspace.

Can you imagine what it would be like to walk into your office with virtual reality goggles on, sit down at your desk, but instead of simply interacting with the screen dive into your computer altogether?

According to the Fast Co.Design, this is a reality now. And, just think of how many benefits this solution can bring!

“Letting VR replace the desktop monitor would bring physical benefits, such as freeing up desk space and giving you a wider spatial and more customizable area in which to arrange your applications–and you wouldn’t need several monitors to do it,” states the source.

Besides, think of how much money your company can save on reduced travel expenses. You no longer need to go anywhere to meet your colleagues from a different office. Just put your VR goggles on – and voila! You are all set for a “face-to-face” business meeting.

Infographic - The Average Cost of Business Travel

4. Modified advertising.

Traditional advertising is old news, especially when compared to creative new ads made using virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality films are more powerful and much more persuasive. And, we think we all agree on this one – they are way more exciting, which is exactly what might turn a prospect into a paying customer.

Here is an incredible of how a VR advertisement can turn into a powerful tool. At&T has recently created a driving simulation called “It Can Wait” showing the consequences that might come when you use your phone while driving.

When businesses use such ads, they build up trust in their brand, strengthen their positive image and establish a presence on the market. You can easily skyrocket the sales with such technologies.

5. Incredible training experience.

Another great way to use VR for your business applies to business training.
According to Jeff Kagan, VR can boost the efficiency of regular training for employees.

He says that “soldiers, for instance, would be able to train in a virtual middle-eastern village or in a snowy, remote environment without leaving their American base.”

However, this is true for a wide range of employees across different industries. You can train your Salespeople on how to promote the product or Customer Support on how to deal with trouble customers by starting a simulation.

You end up having a team of determined specialists who know for sure what they are doing thanks to intensive training they have been through.

6. Powerful engineering tool.

How great would it be to show different product and tools to your potential customers without having to spend hundreds of dollars on actually developing the first example?

We believe that many businesses would be glad to have such technology at hand.

And Virtual Reality can make those dreams come true.

Filmora has mentioned in a recent survey that at least 65% of respondents believed that VR can make construction easy to visualize and understand, and as a result clients are more willing to purchase the project and invest in them.

These are only a few benefits your business can get from using VR technologies. In our next article, you will learn even more fascinating facts about the revolution the VR brought into the gaming experience.

So, see you soon on our blog!

Stay tuned!