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staff augmentation

Get seasoned offshore developers who expand your in-house expertise and work exclusively for your projects.


why is IT Staff Augmentation important?

Staff Augmentation service provided by our company allows you to gain a complex scalable product.

Working directly with a remote team you have more control under the development process. And you do not have additional administrative concerns.

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how does IT staff augmentation work?

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The need for quick hiring a technical expert for a project


Requirements gathering

Client & Crysberry

Recruitment team finds the most fitted IT specialists


Technical interview with our experts


Getting a candidate with technical feedback on the relevant criteria

Client & Crysberry

You take a decision during the meeting- acquaintance with a candidate

Client & Crysberry

Starting cooperation +HR support


role of recruitment in building your offshore development team

The key task of the recruitment team is to find the most relevant IT expert for your project delivery

Just give us the requirements, your business goals, and your budget and we will do the rest.

We focus on building a strong and technically savvy team of recruiters who are capable of:

  • Give deadlines for each individual request.
  • Consult you about labor market size and the average budget for candidates.
  • Keep you informed about the progress.
  • Complete commitments.

Recruitment based on your business goals and corporate culture

We focus on hiring experts with both technical and soft skills for long term cooperation.

Soft skills interview based on our custom interview approaches helps to build a team, focused on your project success.

Now, all you got to do is to fill the Brief and our Talent Manager will sketch the portrait of a team.

During the 6 years, we’ve done more than 3000 interviews with IT experts and have built development teams for more than 50 companies.

HR support and optimised working process

Obtain more control over the working process with HR Support

You do not need to anxious about administrative costs including control over the revision of salaries, rates, staff turnover.

Our HR specialists take care of this. And you can focus on achieving business goals by efforts of our IT specialists.

We ensure team effectiveness and positive mood in the team. And in a case, if someone leaves the team, the HR team will know it in advance to find a new employee.

Easy communication

We enhance easy communication between you and the team by adding a Team Lead or a Project Manager in the process. The aim is to build an optimal working process based on the time you want and able to spend on the team.

get access to the pool of 160k Ukrainian IT experts of various specializations using Staff Augmentation

achieve your business goals with Crysberry outstaff development

  • Reduced administrative costs, when you don’t have to worry about the working places, costs, HR support, dismissal.
  • No need to worry about the complicated recruitment process. Participate only in final meeting-acquaintance with a candidate.
  • Cost effective development, since offshore developers and artists are usually cheaper than an in-house team.
  • The ability to arrange 24 hours of development using the time zone difference between an in-house and an offshore team.
  • Easy team scaling that allows varying the needed amount of IT specialists with no additional costs.
  • The possibility to focus on high-level tasks and pass the realization of a project to the outstaffing.

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