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Native Mobile development

Full-fledged development of highly productive native mobile applications that bring your business to the next level of customers trust.

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remarkable native mobile apps from top experts

We’ve been in native mobile development for more than 5 years and worked out vast expertise, solving various challenges and finding innovative ways of mobile development.

Our iOS and Android experts went through fire and water and can create a product for both start-ups and enterprises. Share your idea and we will bring you a beneficial solution that meets your business vision.

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reasons to choose a native mobile app

High app performance

apps are compatible with specific hardware and its features so that the response time is faster

Better response for OS updates

Native apps quickly adapt to an operating system updates, supporting changes

Responsive UX/UI

Native applications, designed specifically for each operating system are more user-friendly

iOS native mobile development

Our iOS experts have extensive experience in the development of business applications for different industries.

Get all the benefits of having a native iOS application, that will bring your business to the next level.

Use splendid Apple UX/UI entirely

Apple is known for its simple, readable and intuitive UI/UX design. Let’s use it! You will never have as high-quality fluid UI/UX with a cross-platform engine, as you do have with the native approach. Writing code in Apple’s languages makes the result as optimized as possible. It is especially noticeable in complex applications.

Use advanced features

It is also possible to implement advanced features such as Apple Pay, iTunes, Apple Watch, ARCore, etc. working with a microphone and camera in iOS development. However, for complex 3d graphic, visual or entertainment multifunctional projects we recommend you to check Unity technology

Speed up your app performance

It is well-known that applications written in native languages have a higher performance level. They developed for a particular platform and they can use the maximum of their interface, features, and memory.

Use advanced features

The development speed is dramatically higher with the native approach (considering 1 finished application per hour, regardless of a platform). Instead of using ready-made solutions for a particular platform, you will make compromises about platforms support, UI smoothness and appearance, etc.

android native mobile development

Avail of our experience in bespoke native mobile development for various platforms.

We develop Android applications on Kotlin and Java languages, aligning modern and classic approach to the development.

Get maximum UI display on different devices

It is not a secret that there is a lot of different devices running on Android OS. Native development allows creating scalable applications that will be compatible with all types of devices, from smart watches to tablets.

Flexible and extendable Android applications

The flexibility of Android development allows reaching clients’ needs. If there is a necessity to add new features or change something in an application, we can do it easily with Android tools.

Access to maximal performance and responsiveness

Your users don’t have to wait years after taping on icons and waiting for loading of a command. Native applications work fast and effective.

The variety of Android libraries for effective development

We use different types of Android libraries to develop the most creative and unique applications. Our top-5 favorite libraries: Retrofit, RxJava2, Firebase, Glide, Dagger.

process of native mobile development with Crysberry

We use Agile methodologies to organize the flow of the development process. It allows splitting the final goal into small iterations that are easier to review.

Furthermore, we strive to set up self-organized teams, where each expert is responsible to deliver his tasks in time.

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