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Augmented Reality Development

From scratch.

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expand your business horizons

Expand your business horizons with the opportunity to give your customers another way to interact with your product.

The development of an AR application opens you the wide market of more than 300 million monthly AR users worldwide. Get access to AR specialists to develop a mind-blowing Augmented Reality app.

More about AR for business

benefits of AR applications before usual mobile applications

Efficient tracking systems

Interaction with the physical environment

“Real” visualization of products

Immediate provision of necessary information


full-cycle AR development supported by R&D

More than 6 years we’ve been increasing our expertise in developing Augmented Reality applications with Unity.

Now we are able to provide you with a full-cycle AR development supported by R&D services.

Augmented Reality allows users to interact with numerous real objects

  • Image or logo (marker);
  • Surface;
  • Face and other parts of a body;
  • Different forms – a box, a building, a statue, etc;
  • Space – some field, square, etc.

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get high-performed AR applications with ARKit and ARCore

Either you need an AR application for iOS or an AR application for Android, we can easily develop it according to the fact that producers gave us awesome instruments — ARKit and ARCore frameworks.

They allow developing accurate AR applications for different operating systems, where virtual 3D elements are organically built in applications and are shown in the real environment.

The reasons to use ARKit and ARCore for Augmented Reality app development:

  • Movement tracking support: obtaining posture information from a device and applying this information to a Unity camera;
  • Construction of active points;
  • Detection of horizontal and vertical surfaces;
  • Video overlay;
  • Light analysis: to analyze the intensity of natural scene lighting.

Wikitude and Vuforia - SDKs for advanced AR development

We always look for ways of effectiveness in software development, Wikitude and Vuforia AR SDK are proved to be the best location-tracking and recognition systems for advanced AR apps development.

Our Unity specialists have extensive experience in creating AR applications with accurate tracking of pictures, text, faces, location.

Delivering high-quality Augmented Reality elements is the key to successful application performance. Built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers enable to monitor the disposition of a smartphone towards particular objects what is very useful in AR development.

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AR Cases

industries which gave users the ability to use AR apps


As we remember AR gained its popularity exactly after the AR game had been published. And now such games bring new impressions to users.


It is an easier way to learn complicated processes, AR helps to learn geometry and scientific phenomenon. AR education app development is another chance to improve the educational system.


People need more interesting engagements from business to choose the best one for them. Adding AR interaction is a great choice to impress customers.

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