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VR / AR 25 November 2019
Augmented Reality apps for kids: danger or a way for development?

Atomic energy was aimed to improve our lives. Nowadays, technologies are developing to make people’s lives better. We all know the...

Insights, Technology, VR / AR 1 October 2019
VR and AR predictions for 2020

The 2020 year is coming soon. Let’s see the impact of technologies in the passing year, and try to make some predictions on how to...

Marketing, Technology, VR / AR 18 September 2019
Marketing evolution: VR and AR benefits for business

There is no secret about the growth of AR and VR benefits for business. Nowadays, these technologies are implemented in lots of areas,...

Technology, VR / AR 22 August 2019
Informational technologies in Real Estate: AR & VR trends

Innovation through new technology is an impact that is driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. Real Estate industry is not an exception...

VR / AR 14 August 2019
Implementing AR in education

AR development provides limitless possibilities for any field it’s implemented for. Promising a huge improvement of educational...

Technology, VR / AR 8 August 2019
VR patents and AR patents: What’s new?

VR/AR technologies are changing our world constantly. This is proved by rising the number of VR news and AR news in recent times....

VR / AR 2 August 2019
Overview: Top AR development tools in 2019

Сhoosing an appropriate AR development tool is one of the main steps to get ready for AR application development. It must help to...

VR / AR 17 July 2019
How AR in toy producing is changing the industry

The market is experiencing the rising hype of AR development. It can easily enhance the growth of any business by its visual overlay....

VR / AR 26 June 2019
How to make the educational process enthralling? VR in education

The development of VR gave a number of advantages, allowing to significantly increase the interest in science. The development of...

Marketing, VR / AR 26 June 2019
Significant examples of VR/AR Technologies in Marketing

Do you know how to use VR/AR technologies in your marketing? We collected significant examples of VR/AR marketing campaigns here....

VR / AR 25 June 2019
How to Boost Your Business with Augmented Reality

In the article we collected different examples of how to boost business with Augmented Reality. From live events to real estate. Check...

Crysberry, VR / AR 25 June 2019
Transformation of a Game into a VR game (case study)

A usual mahjongg game is interactive. And now imagine it to be in VR. Read our case of transforming a game to the VR game.

Marketing, VR / AR 25 June 2019
A Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Game Monetization

Virtual reality has been a hot topic for more than sixty years now. This might sound crazy, but it’s true. Can you believe it?...

VR / AR 24 June 2019
6 Jaw-Dropping Virtual Reality Benefits for Businesses

Virtual Reality is not only about entertainment. We made a research and found six ideas of how you can use Virtual Reality for your...

Technology, VR / AR 24 June 2019
How technology has changed the face of education

Technologies and education are inseparable. There is a statement that students' grades increased by 20% with the aid of using...

VR / AR 21 June 2019
Virtual Reality: Part 1. Introduction. What is VR and where we can use it

When people don’t know enough about things, they may assume they are dangerous to humanity. This is true for Virtual Reality. Does...