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Management, Marketing 28 October 2019
After the launch: UX analysis of the application

Tracking users’ engagement and interaction with your app are what helps to drive your business to success. Learn more about Usage...

Crysberry, Management, Marketing, Technology 18 October 2019
Behind the launch veil: what is after the application release

The date of the launch was the day all your team had been waiting for. Was it a successful project end? Or was it a big bang moment...

Marketing, Technology, VR / AR 18 September 2019
Marketing evolution: VR and AR benefits for business

There is no secret about the growth of AR and VR benefits for business. Nowadays, these technologies are implemented in lots of areas,...

Marketing, Technology 26 June 2019
Game promotion. Zero budget marketing and advanced ways of promotion

The ideas for game promotion with zero budget. Besides here you'll find the recommendations to promote your game in advanced ways.

Marketing, Technology 26 June 2019
The things you should know before start game development

A small guide for beginners and practicing game developers. A few words about how to create a game for people will play. Pros of...

Marketing, VR / AR 26 June 2019
Significant examples of VR/AR Technologies in Marketing

Do you know how to use VR/AR technologies in your marketing? We collected significant examples of VR/AR marketing campaigns here....

Crysberry, Marketing, Technology 25 June 2019
Ukrainian IT market review for 2018 (with statistics)

Ukrainian IT specialists got the reputation of skilled experts and companies from around the world trust them the development of...

Marketing, VR / AR 25 June 2019
A Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Game Monetization

Virtual reality has been a hot topic for more than sixty years now. This might sound crazy, but it’s true. Can you believe it?...