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Management, Marketing 28 October 2019
After the launch: UX analysis of the application

Tracking users’ engagement and interaction with your app are what helps to drive your business to success. Learn more about Usage...

Crysberry, Management, Marketing, Technology 18 October 2019
Behind the launch veil: what is after the application release

The date of the launch was the day all your team had been waiting for. Was it a successful project end? Or was it a big bang moment...

Crysberry, Management 9 October 2019
Overview: tools for project tracking

Managing a project requires tracking lots of aspects of different stages. However, it takes time to find an appropriate application...

Management, Technology 8 October 2019
Things to know before application development starts

Before initiating an application development you need to understand that a development team cannot create business for you. Today we...

Crysberry, Management 16 September 2019
Software development team organization: mistakes and solutions

The process of creating a development team can be tricky and not that easy. This might be the most important step, which is defining...

Crysberry, Management 29 August 2019
IT outsourcing situation: sunset or rise?

At the beginning of 2019 forecasters were citing job losses during this year. However, others were claiming that the IT outsourcing...

Management, Technology 25 July 2019
A mobile application with Unity. The process and the cost.

Nowadays, many business owners are looking for a possibility to develop a mobile application with Unity. Find out more about the pros...

Management 25 June 2019
Be careful! Talent!

The internal system formation of building the work of employees is one of the most important moments. Learn how to prioritize getting...

Crysberry, Management 24 June 2019
Why Should We Have ‘Definition of Done’ in Projects?

The importance of the ‘Definition of ‘Done’ People are different. They have different experiences and view software...

Crysberry, Management 24 June 2019
7 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource a Project Manager for Your Project

How to understand that you need a Project Manager when outsourcing your software development? What skills should the qualified Project...

Management, Technology 21 June 2019
How Much It Costs to Develop an App

This is a question that bothers many business owners. And it is the cost of a developed application that often defines whether an...

Management, Technology 21 June 2019
11 Reasons Why Startups Should Outsource Software Development

Outsource or not outsource your software development? That is a question! Here are a few points to find the answer.

Management 21 June 2019
Crysberry’s Lean Software Development: 12 Management Principles

Let’s face it: “lean management” and “lean thinking” are often thrown casually around the industry, with...

Management 19 June 2019
14 Valid Reasons to Outsource Your Software Development to Ukraine

Petcube, Grammarly, and PromoRepublic were all developed in Ukraine. Samsung and Microsoft have their R&D offices in Ukraine....