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MoneyFish game

iOS/Android game with Unity



Project overview

The game mimics real-life fishing involving a player into the process. Based on extensive research, advanced analysis, and thorough calculations, the MoneyFish lets players go on a large-scale fishing spree with all its difficulties.




Money Fish Games




R&D Game development





Project manager


 2 Unity developers

Backend developer





The main challenge. To make a realistic school of fish behavior. Their interaction with a beach, other schools of fish, boats, and nets. The main challenge was the productivity of the game. We had to make plenty of calculations and recalculations to determine fish behavior with other game objects. But this had a really inappropriate impact on the game productivity. Nevertheless, we optimized the game. And now 5000 fishes can be on the screen at the same time using 15 unique behavioral rules.  


  • To improve user retention with better in-game experience
  • To track users progress and achievements
  • To add the ability to compete with friends using the leaderboard
  • To make the app realistic, simulating real-life experiences
  • To simulate real geographical locations


  • A realistic in-game environment based on real geographic locations
  • True-to-life fish behavior patterns and natural conditions
  • Multiple levels of gradually growing difficulty
  • Tutorials and practice levels for new players
  • Score tracking with a leaderboard and social sharing options
  • Alaska map that is identical to the real region.
mobile game with unity



3000 hours of development, more than 15 sprints.

We developed the product using the classic lifecycle stages. First of all, we checked the hypothesis if it is possible to implement such a complicated real-life fish behavior.  After checking the hypothesis (btw it was realistic to implement), we started to develop a full game with the design concept and game mechanics.

After 1.0 version we started to work on the players. We added Challenge Tournaments and created everyday tasks in order to involve players more.

The product is still developing, we add new maps and game mechanics. Also, there is a real financial reward for the best players.

During the development process, we developed a special editor where our experts programmed scripts for each game level.


The whole process we built together with the client. We had strong cooperation. Together we discussed all the ideas, made brainstorms.  

Business value

To give the audience the ability to feel the game as a real Alaska is. Just as in the well-known Discovery TV-show.


mobile game screenshot mobile game screenshot mobile game screenshot mobile game screenshot

Link to the store


Rating is 5.0 



“An Absolute Blast! This game offers a lot of content and fun action, also you can win in-game real money! If I were you, I would be downloading right now!”

Results of interaction with the client

We built solid engagement with the client. Anytime he could know on the process progress, using JIRA board. Together we brainstormed, we pushed ideas, we solved challenges. And this collaboration brought awesome results.

Clutch review from the client


What did you find most impressive about them?


Their programming ability. There’s been some challenging work, but Crysberry is brilliant.