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3D Building presenter

3D application for Real Estate


Project overview

The application helps create massive and detailed building models, from the general building structure to layouts of individual apartments.

Taking into account the geological factors of a selected place of construction, the application provides a visualization and estimation opportunity that is close to reality.




Real Estate


R&D development

The team

2 Unity experts in an extended team


  • Unity
  • Android / iOS building
  • OBJ dynamic import
  • JSON data serialization
  • SQLite


  • to create a 3D simulation for the constructions on the real street
  • to create service inside the application where the company will add new employment opportunities
  • to show up a city’s district, where construction takes place
  • to give users the opportunity to see how the buildings will look
  • the access to news, events


  • Detailed virtual models of future buildings and existing ones to look at how they combine with each other.
  • Evaluating the place of future construction based on extensive geological data
  • Updated information about the current building process, by years.
  • Newsfeed


Agile Methodology
3000+ hours of development

Business Value

The client created the opportunity for users to check what is going on with the construction process.
The application is a place where people can engage in regards to building activity in a particular city.
The client can show stakeholders the building process.


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